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Scotland.  Way up north. Northwest to be exact. Not as far as one would think, but nevertheless a whole different world. A world where honesty and integrity reign.  A place blessed with huge grasslands, characteristic sheep flocks and distilleries, all of which once rouse the myth of “Scottish whisky”. Distilleries that have been there for centuries and that are the pride of the locals.  Their spirits are authentic and earthy. Quality takes time, and here, they find the time. Skilled and patient, they make sure that the Whisky keeps its authentic taste. A taste so select and singular, it can hardly be beaten.

One cannot dispute taste.

Speaking of taste - there are no ifs ands or buts about it. The simple truth is that Whisky, produced in Scotland, is renown throughout the world. Dedication, intuition and knowledge unite to create something really unique. Scottish Whisky does not compare with your local bottlers.  The distiller’s heart beats in each and every bottle.  He invested his time and effort. Then – the casks. 

They give the Whisky its intense taste and incomparable note.
In an environment that doesn’t know modern day stresses, one can operate freely.  Knowledge, ruse and skills are used successfully.  Real life and real spirit. Taste authenticity; taste Scotland’s pearls.

The Spirit & Cask Range offers exclusive bottlings, imported directly from the distilleries through Whiskymax and distributed through the German specialized trade. The label keeps its word – unrivalled Whisky from choice distilleries in low quantities represents its range. How are the noble spirits chosen?  The rare malt managers choose them individually.  They know their profession in detail and act totally independent. They just know what Scotland can do and which products have the perfect character. The spectrum of this label is unique and far-reaching.  It includes single cask bottlings from all Scottish areas.  Little counties, that love their Whisky with great certitude, as well as cities that live out their distinct potential. The bottlings are offered at cask as well as at drinking strength.  They are always unchillfiltered and non-coloured.  A fact that goes without saying.

Maximum Peat

Inside this excellent spectrum, there is one particularly interesting product: Maximum Peat! This seventh edition is offered through specialty retailers. Hiding behind the name is a legendary distillery, which the Scots are raving about.
Islay? Yes, you are right!  It is the world-famous Whisky-Island, deep in the south of the Hebrides – representing an outpost of Scotland. The Island seems to be pictorial and quiet.  Its shape affected by the wind, always blowing heavily through the landscape and the Atlantic Ocean, with waves that bounce heavily from the cliffs. 20,000 sheep, 10,000 cows and seven Whisky-Distilleries are spread over 500 square metres together with beautiful cottages, farms and little hills. Do I have to say more?  Close your eyes and imagine that beautiful island. Islay is not only a visual delight – it’s downright interesting for story-tellers. Extraordinary tales are told about this island.  Stories that are connected with the production of a unique Whisky.  Hard to describe – almost mystic.

Treat yourself with these spirits that come from special casks.  Each year, one or two casks are selected and bottled as El Máximo. Each bottling is unique in itself, if only because of the heavy peat taste appreciated by experts and epicures.



Another climax of the Scottish art of distillation: El Máximo

An enthralling new discovery for  Sherry lovers. The whisky matures in First Fill Sherry casks and profits from this incomparable task. Your palate fully absorbs the delicious taste and your eyes delight in the intensive colour of this spirit.

A science in itself: The Sherry Casks
One shouldn’t underestimate the influence a cask has on the whisky.  A cask can leave the Whisky with a mossy, oily, smoky or peaty taste. Sherry casks are made out of oak wood and usually contain less than 700 litres. Pinewood casks are not suitable: The Whisky can’t breathe because of the resin.

It takes a long time for the Whisky to develop its deep and dark sweetness.  First-class products are allowed to mature up to 25 years until they are finally ready to delight our palates with their flavour.  Complex chemical reactions between wood and alcohol are responsible for that flavour.  Tannin, vanilla and caramel are just some of the delicious tastes that unite for an intensive enrichment of the El Máximo.

There is nothing more to say: Slainte mhath!


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